Thursday, February 19, 2009

The heinous suicidal story at Carrier Corporation and all divisions of United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

My name is Mr. Andrew R. Elliot and after diligently working for 19 long years at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (P&WA) a division of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) in their experimental assembly development Department-955 creating their now current large commercial and military aircraft engines (hr cl#275398), I found myself the victim of a heinous program of harassment and discrimination in complete violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act (CFEPA), and both state and federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) law. Wherein the facts documented during CCHRO investigation #9840272 clearly indicate that my former sick supervisor Grout with his Masters Degree education in the potentially fatal results of my disability manic/depressive illness (MDI) was through a sadistic manipulation of my workplace environment, intentionally attempting to provoke this caring and devoted father into committing suicide over my child care issues. And this deviant bastard almost achieved the malicious intent of his very sick goal!

In fact, Grout did cause a least two of my fellow employees at P&WA in D-955 to commit suicide, namely Mr. Ron Cady and Mr. Louis Verbryke who I am sure also suffered from MDI. And I know for a fact there have been other longtime employees at UTC both hourly and salary that were finally driven to commit suicide also due to their unjust and hopeless workplace/financial situations. In effect, my lawsuit against P&WA was an attempted murder case and that is exactly what motivated UTC to conspire to suppress this vicious suicidal story. I was not merely fired, laid off, or downsized that relatively speaking would have been easily accepted.

The general public simply does not hear about these horrific events due to UTC’s complete manipulation and control of the media and our governments. I believe the public needs to know how utterly ruthless UTC actually is and that absolutely nothing is sacred or beyond the realm of possibility with this corporation. I have been told that Belcan Corporation is just as ruthless as UTC who they obviously utilize to limit their liability and protect UTC’s wonderful image.

I am now trying to warn the unsuspecting employees at P&WA and all divisions of UTC, in particular their new and prospective recruits about how cruel they are since I found out 10 years down the road fighting them in federal court that they own every state and federal official here in “Corrupt-I-Cut” (and in Washington D.C.) including senior federal judge Ellen Bree Burns and our just departed local U. S. Attorney Mr. Kevin J. O'Connor. These heinous facts suggest it is serious mistake to be lulled into a false sense of security with the feeling of invincible of our youths to fall into the cruel trap of long-term employment at UTC relative to making the inevitable life and family commitments to then be raped of said very precious youth.

And since the U.S. Department of “Justice” and the entire state and federal government has completely ignored the irrefutable evidence I presented them of these multiple client conspiracies to obstruct justice committed by UTC right there in a federal court of law no less, there is only one conclusion to make which is you have no rights whatsoever when working at P&WA or in fact dealing with any subsidiary of UTC in any aspect of their many businesses.

In addition to my federal lawsuit civil action CV 3:99 1290 (E.B. Burns), I refer to the two other former UTC employees at their Sikorsky Aircraft division that our same attorney Barbara E. Gardner conspired with UTC to win them a favorable verdict in federal court. Specifically, Mr. Daniel Peck and Mr. Al Yurevich both of whom that are veterans, reference their respective case numbers CV 3:94 01360 and CV 3:97 01831. The Teamsters union apparently did little if anything to support these men. In addition, the most recent victim of this Gardner/UTC conspiracy that I am certainly not imagining would be Mrs. Donna Jute their former employee at their Hamilton Sundstrand division, reference case # CV 3:01 123. Please note, these are only the three other people I have found so far that attorney Gardner conspired with UTC in federal court. Be assured that there are many other attorneys here in Connecticut (or nationwide) which you could retain that UTC would simply utilize their primary strategy which is to buy them off like the other two involved in my case; specifically attorney Anthony Palermino and attorney Christine M. Ellis. And be assured that there have been many other victims of UTC discriminatory employment practices (sex, race, age and disability discrimination etc.) most of whom never filed lawsuits that were actually good decisions on their part.

The latest victim of this Gardner/UTC conspiracy would be Mr. Leonard Theilig, reference CV 3:07 01530 (AHN). UTC has now filed in November 2008 a motion to dismiss his case that thanks to Gardner will be granted for sure. UTC harassed this long term employee at P&WA out the door in 2005 in a quite cruel fashion after causing him two heart attacks capitalizing upon his fully documented disabling condition of heart disease.

And it was none other than Mr. O'Connor's own formidable law firm of Day, Berry and Howard (DB&H – now known as Day Pitney) that committed this blatant act of obstruction of justice in federal court August 2001 while representing UTC during my case when he was in full partnership with DB&H between years 1997- 2002. And in 2002 Mr. O'Connor's very first act in his influential office as U. S. Attorney was to ignore my truthful allegations of this federal crime committed by DB&H/UTC that was the last straw for my family resulting our dissolution in divorce court.

In fact, my own attorney Gardner suppressed the most important evidence that supported my case in writing with what are known as “motions in limine”. In particular, Gardner suppressed the real facts about how I was almost provoked to commit suicide by Grout, which was exclusively because he had illegally denied my psychiatrist's request for an accommodation written under ADA law to merely transfer me back to P&WA’s miserable 3rd shift, specifically to deal with my childcare issues that he notified Grout were my primary stressor in relationship to my MDI. I had worked 3rd shift for the previous 12 long years, first and foremost to be the primary child care provider in our family. And even after I had almost committed suicide due to the resultant domestic violence I was experiencing at the hands of my ex-wife, instead of helping me that demented bastard did use his now very reliable knowledge of my psychological vulnerability against me relationship in my child care issues by continuously attempting to harass me over the suicidal edge.

Specifically, subsequent to my near suicide on 5/16/96 that he almost caused in the first place, Grout dragged me across the carpet with a completely false allegation that I had supposedly committed sexual harassment, which came just three days after I had disclosed to him the scar on my chest from when my wife had savagely bitten me on Easter Sunday 1996 and that she had almost bashed in my brains with a 4 ft. oak and steel floor scraper. This event happened just three weeks after Grout had forced my doctor to return me to work from the bout of clinical depression that Grout himself had driven me into with his illegal discriminatory practices. And the reader needs to understand the truth that it was this evil deviant harassing me to within an inch of my life on 6/6/96 and appreciate how cruel, creative, and effective his bogus accusation was relative to our obviously deteriorated marital/sexual relationship. I am sure Grout would have been completely humored to see that date on my gravestone as he strategically stripped me of my livelihood and sent me out the door in suicidal tears with my first suspension to maximize my stress while being overwhelmed with our exorbitant living expenses.

Please note that all of my ex-wife’s violent behavior and my resultant near suicide was the direct result of the enormous stress created by Grouts illegal denial of the accommodation simply to care for our children that this lawsuit/story was specifically based upon that attorney Gardner completely suppressed to the full benefit of UTC. I will never hold my ex-wife fully responsible for her behavior and I did pursue all of these lawsuits trying to also restore her financial security even after our divorce. And in case anyone is not sure I am still fighting UTC on her behalf

And Grout had made sure I was literally in a suicidal box, since he strategically commenced his heinous program of harassment and discrimination by completely violating the labor agreement when forcing me off the 3rd shift onto the 1st just one week after I proudly finished building and moving my family into “the American dream” in August 1994. This large and quite expensive house located at 53 Willow Dr. Hebron, CT that Grout would illegally turn into now a 14 year suicidal nightmare since he knew I was financially leveraged to the hilt and could never simply walk away from my job at P&WA. To be sure it was the unjustifiable shift transfer in 1994 after I laid it all on the line erroneously believing I had some “job security” at P&WA that drove me into the initial clinical depression since my wife just did not understand I could no longer perform all the functions I used to do during the day, in particular caring for our children. And Grout was well aware of the stress caused by my lack of child care and moreover that I had almost committed suicide because of it since all these events were fully documented in my P&WA medical file that he testified to have been closely monitoring to confirm that his heinous program of harassment was working as planned.

And the reason why this sick control freak subjected me to this brutal nightmare was due my high productivity relative to the manic phase of my MDI, and Grout's goal of advancing his career at P&WA by further capitalizing on my disability by hopefully recruiting me as one of his supervisors to impose his deviant will upon my friends. This is because I was one of the few people in 1978 that had pursued his goal of higher education for the employees in D-955. I simply refused to do that sick bastards bidding. Then Grout resented me even more because I had some small successful ventures outside of P&WA which I only pursued since he denied me any and all opportunity at work for at least 12 years, moreover he prevented me from posting out of D-555. The one achievement in particular was the land I subdivided on which we built our house. This was my “offense” in Grout’s demented mind that he decided he was going to make me pay the ultimate price with my life.

In fact, Grout undoubtedly did suffer from the “Napoleonic Syndrome” since he momentarily even testified in federal court to literally stand on a chair while struggling to dominate his subordinates in D-955. And the sheer scope of Grout’s malicious intentions for me, relative to his deviant personality that my federal trial was supposed to focused upon is exactly what attorney Gardner carefully steered the jury far away from hearing.

Moreover, the evidence clearly indicates that UTC and their agent Mr. O'Connor and DB&H have repeatedly attempted to provoke me to violence, in effect over my child care issues. The first event was when UTC retaliated against me on 5/22/97 after I complained on 5/19/97 about the denial of my last request for an unpaid FMLA by illegally walking me out the door and intentionally attempting to create for themselves a “threat to safety defense” by producing Grout right next to me on the curb hoping that I would assault him in front of the East Hartford police. And this was no coincidence since the second in command in D-955 Mr. Fred Valenti was also produced on the curb since I failed to react to Grout’s appearance during this staged event. This little-known facet of the ADA which is the #1 defense an employer can use against an unwitting disabled American citizen to disqualify them from their civil rights that I now believe corporate America is happily exploiting and sometimes creating horrific workplace tragedies. And not surprisingly our government that most likely added this defense to the full benefit of corporate America is suppressing exactly why some depressed people are being provoked to “go postal”.

Although, UTC did successfully render me unemployable by labeling me as supposedly “capable of workplace violence” to use in conjunction with their failed strategy of 5/22/97 that left me to experience continuous, subsequent, understandable employment discrimination. The highlight event was when I was terminated from my subsequent (and last) employer Windsor AirMotive which is a quite cozy P&WA subcontractor the very next day after the “Lottery shootings” that happened on 3/6/98 which was my 40th birthday when being told that I “didn’t fit in”. I believe anyone would agree given this entire illegal legacy provided to my by UTC, especially since the shooter also suffered from MDI and coincidently was treated by the same psychiatrist as me. And my own attorney Gardner basically focused upon this directly related traumatic event during my federal trial instead of the subject P&WA lawsuit.

In fact, had Grout come right out and said what his malicious intentions for me entailed. I refer to the message my union steward Bob Manley delivered after Grout’s illegal denial of the FMLA. Manley told me and I quote; “Andy, if you really love your family and when you’ve had enough, you get yourself well insured and you take your car at a high rate of speed into a bridge abutment!” I believe this statement was an intentional suicide suggestion and I am absolutely sure of the source of this quite creative comment - Mr. Dennis L. Grout. And Grouts repulsive inspiration was most likely the grisly fate of my friend Louis Verbryke who committed a highway suicide killing an innocent mother and her child. Of course this suicide suggestion wasn’t heard during my federal trial since Gardner did not subpoena a single one of my “representatives” from the International Association Machinists (IAM) to indicate the truth that after 19 years of dedicated membership they completely abandoned me. In particular, union president Mike Stone who was very close to Grout since he came out of D-955 that told me “Andy your bullshit and your history at P&WA” immediately after the bogus sexual harassment accusation while he tried to get me to sign a waiver releasing his client UTC from any and all liability concerning these matters. UTC owns Mike Stone.

Needless to say the entire IAM union is undoubtedly right in UTC’s back pocket, especially since they did nothing whatsoever about Grout completely violating the labor contract in this viscous fashion which had provisions about them supposedly preventing UTC from violating an employee’s rights under the ADA, CFEPA, and the FMLA. Moreover, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that did nothing at all about my valid complaint against the IAM that not surprisingly failed to arbitrate on my behalf after I had been illegally walked out the door at P&WA on 5/22/97. Perhaps it’s time this “association” that in fact is not even a real union should finally be replaced so as to truly protect the interests of the employees at P&WA/UTC.

In fact, my own attorney Gardner completely suppressed this “smoking gun” evidence that in the end I was denied the FMLA and UTC’s ensuing outrageous attempt to provoke me to violence. In particular, the all telling three day delay when P&WA had this person who had supposedly threatened a company doctor and was capable of workplace violence that they simply left walking around the shop floor while they obviously planned their retaliation of 5/22/97. In reality, this supposed “threat” was referring to my complaint about the illegal denial of my FMLA request that I made specifically to P&WA’s doctor when telling her I was going back to my first attorney Palermino to commence legal action, which UTC simply misconstrued to fit their needs trying to justify my termination. I had retained Mr. Palermino in 1996 after Grout’s bogus sexual harassment accusation, who in the end indicatively completely abandoned me when I needed him the most after my final termination in 1997.

In fact, UTC and Mr. O'Connor attempted to provoke me to violence since they had me unjustifiably arrested and then harassed by the State Police on 8/25/03 after I quietly left the office of the Statewide Grievance committee (SWG) while trying to pursue my “rights” claiming that I supposedly breached the peace. I did no such thing. In fact, the State Police destroyed the evidence proving my innocence after I requested it under the Freedom Of Information Act, prior to my court date, therefore assuring my conviction. This visit to the SWG was concerning my valid grievance #04-0041 against attorney Gardner wherein I was “somehow” unsuccessful; one primary reason was that Judge Burns refused my polite written request to be my witness. And when I carefully followed up exactly why this was, I was literally threatened by Deputy U.S. Marshall Dorsey when telling me “Mr. Elliot you don’t want to be accused of harassing a federal judge!” Deputy Dorsey, who of course worked for Mr. O’Connor. In fact, their most recent attempt to provoke violent behavior out of me was on 2/14/08 when Assistant Deputy U.S. Marshall’s Pat Burns and Larry Bobnick showed up unannounced at my door with the standard surprise play, trying to catch me off guard doing or just saying something they could use against me to label me as “a risk to self or others”. They also worked for Mr. O’Conner who obviously sent them to hopefully create an excuse to lock me up or at the very least intimidate and deter me from this campaign of truth to the full benefit of his client UTC.

In addition, the state Department of Children and Families (DCF) “somehow” sided with my violent ex-wife after she had assaulted my son again, when in fact it was me that had called the DCF for their help with our situation, because in addition our daughter was also having her own resultant suicidal ideations. The first horrific assault against our ten year old little boy was when my wife almost blinded him in his right eye by whipping him with the plug end of a light cord after she entered his bedroom by splintering the door and its jamb. This disturbing event is why on 5/9/97 I had begged Grout for the completely unpaid FMLA leave of absence, specifically citing the need to care for my traumatized children which he illegally turned down cold when telling me that “UTC could care less about your children”.

The DCF contracted in writing with my ex-wife specifically instructing her to file a restraining order against me and to commence divorce proceedings, ultimately forcing me out “the American dream” to then live in a basement in the violence of the inner city of Hartford to be threatened on a regular basis. (Although, be assured it is only UTC that would be interested in doing me harm especially now concerning my campaign of truth on the internet.) And the DCF fully supported my ex-wife throughout our divorce with her lawyers bogus argument that I “squandered the family assets” on our valid UTC lawsuit, insuring that I was raped of everything, including recommending that the court strip me of all custody of my precious children. This despite the fact she was simultaneously socializing with a registered sex offender in our children's home and moreover when she even testified during our divorce trial to committing all of said resultant violence. In fact, the DCF in conjunction with my children's own court appointed guardian ad litem attorney “acting on their behalf” would not allow them to see or talk to me for the first five months after they had witnessed the disturbing event of having their loving father literally wheeled out of their home by the DCF. These events indicatively commenced just one week after my letter to Mr. O’Connor/et al in 2002 and UTC did achieve one of Grout's goals which was to finally drive our children out of that house in tears in 2004 that we had been financial prisoners thereof since 1998.

And due to my divorce in relationship to my legal issues against P&WA, I was quite strategically stripped of my financial wherewithal to legally fight UTC and their co-conspirators our own state and federal government any longer. Moreover, they successfully deterred me from suing attorney Gardner for her “legal malpractice”.

The only explanation I have for our extremely stressful, heartbreaking, and interesting divorce was that the all powerful UTC and their influential agent Mr. O'Connor entirely orchestrated it through the 4 lawyers subject to manipulation involved, and moreover the many agencies of the confirmed corrupt John Rowland (and Rell) administration, who in fact was UTC’s own lobbyist just prior to becoming the Governor. I also firmly believe our divorce was designed to finally drive me over the suicidal edge and commit the ultimate act of violence against myself, in which UTC was almost successful again.

And it was none other than Rowland that recommended O'Connor to our criminal in chief George W. Bush for his U. S. attorney appointment who now “works at Bush’s’ pleasure”. Now O’Connor has just been appointed to the third-highest position in the USDOJ ironically to specialize in civil rights violations, despite my valid complaint at the USDOJ Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) about him acting in collusion with UTC to violate all my civil and constitutional rights. Moreover, my complaint at Bush’s Presidents Counsel on “Integrity” and Efficiency (PCIE) concerning the unethical activities of all these federal officials that fully supported UTC. And most likely our new acting U.S. Attorney Ms. Nora R. Dannehy also works for UTC since she was employed at DB&H just prior to becoming an assistant U. S. Attorney. In fact, she was the local liaison for the OPR that did nothing about O’Connor’s unethical activities.

Therefore, I eventually filed a pro-se federal lawsuit in late 2006, civil action CV 3:06 1607 (J.C. Hall) against are entirely corrupt federal government (in particular Mr. O'Connor and the many other federal agents involved) that did facilitate, finance, and participate in this conspiracy with P&WA to destroy my family. Specifically, to challenge the federal government's “full immunity” and their “sovereign nation status” (Webster’s def. being a kingdom) that supposedly shields them from valid lawsuits concerning crimes such as these committed against American citizens. Moreover, to challenge the “discretionary authority exceptions rule” #2680(a) under US Code 28, in which this bogus law states that a corrupt federal agent conspiring against you with a defense contractor enjoys their discretionary authority “whether or not the discretion involved be (clearly) abused”. And it was none other than Mr. O'Connor and his subordinates that successfully defended the government during CV 3:06 1607 (JCH) prevailing with their motion to dismiss in July 2007, in effect suppressing his own unethical conduct. I believe this entire situation is the definition of unconstitutional to have these corrupt governmental officials conspire against you with a federally subsidized defense contractor to deny your rights, while you pay their salaries with your own hard earned tax dollars. (Be aware that the state of Connecticut is also considered a “sovereign nation” that you cannot sue either regardless of their unethical conduct.)

In other words, according to USC 28 #2680(a) the blatant corruption that destroyed the Elliot family formerly of Hebron, CT. is supposedly legal in this country. And as a resultant indigent pro-se plaintiff who could no longer afford an attorney (much less anything else) I could never compose a valid “arguable basis in law” which is an absolute necessity to support either my meritorious case against UTC or the defendant USA, therefore I was unsuccessful in both cases. In particular, since neither senior federal Judge Burns nor Judge Hall would appoint me an attorney to pursue either of these lawsuits and of most significance they did nothing about these acts of obstruction of justice committed right there in federal court. And I found few if any attorneys here in Connecticut without conflicts of interests to challenge all of these formidable entities, especially on a contingency basis.

Therefore, I am now left in the court of public opinion to hopefully warn all of UTC’s investors, customers, partners, suppliers, and especially their employees about how immoral, unethical and absolutely ruthless they are and in fact you have no recourse against them in a court of law. The “rule of law” simply does not exist in America today, in particular when dealing with P&WA or any subsidiary of UTC.

If you care to review my genuine federal court documents that proves what I say, you can either go to the federal court PACER system or the very bottom of my blogs, in particular my Windows Lives Space blog page where you will find an icon identified as “public folders”. (Please note that you can Google Blog Search UTC or anyone of their subsidiaries by name and find all these numerous blogs.) Within this folder you will find, and I suggest you open two separate windows/pages to read, one document in particular identified as my “motion to reopen and set aside the judgment” dated 2/9/2006 and another document identified as its “factual appendix to the motion to reopen” which contains the 271 pages of irrefutable supporting evidence in chronological order. (Please note that Judge Burns indicatively refused my simply request to post the 271 pages of supporting evidence at my own expense on the federal website obviously because this could be quite embarrassing for her.) These documents partially describe this heinous suicidal story at P&WA and criminal act of obstruction of justice of committed between UTC and Gardner not only in the district of Connecticut federal court system, but in addition at the 2nd circuit court of appeals reference docket # CV-01-9462.

I respectfully believe my peers at P&WA or any division of UTC would be wise to review these facts that were clearly suppressed from the jury during my federal trial and take this unique opportunity I am presenting you to make your own informed decision about exactly what kind of “rights” you have working at UTC; or in reality complete lack thereof. I am confident you will agree with my conclusion about this convoluted conspiracy that anybody could be subjected to by UTC including the participation of Judge Burns.

In particular, I refer to another brief document identified as “Judge Burns ruling” in which she “somehow” ruled in UTC’s favor when citing the least relevant and most obscure evidence of the overwhelming facts that I presented her in my pro-se motion to reopen under federal rule 60B. To be precise I cited 100 pages of the trial transcripts recording Gardner blatantly lying to Judge Burns while misrepresenting my entire case. Moreover, indicative now to this federal judges obvious involvement in this conspiracy to deny me my rights, Judge Burns who also enjoys “full immunity” and a life time appointment accountable to no one, ruled in UTC’s favor despite the fact that they filed absolutely nothing in opposition to my motion reopen – zero, zip, not a word. It took me a total of 5 years to analyze the trial transcripts as I dealt with the resultant meltdown of my family and life to factually describe the act of obstruction of justice and the “honorable” Judge Burns simply ignored this crime committed in and against her court. I believe after reading just the first 20 doubled spaced pages anyone would agree that I should have easily prevailed with at least my motion to reopen, if nothing else because UTC simply defaulted when not challenging it whatsoever. And UTC did not, because they could not dispute any of the facts I presented because it was the whole truth of these sordid events that transpired at P&WA and what UTC is capable of doing to anybody, anywhere.

I did file an appeal at the second circuit as a pro-se litigant, reference docket #CV 06-1764 concerning Judge Burns’ “errant” ruling that she made clearly in UTC’s favor. The second circuit also ruled against me, again citing the stark reality that any layperson cannot present “an arguable basis in law” to support their case despite its factual merit. The second circuit would not appoint an attorney either and they also disregarded all of the same irrefutable evidence I presented them in my motion to reopen dated 2/9/06. Just one applicable document of many being the defrauded jury at the end of my federal trial asking Judge Burns in writing; “Is any element of this courts decision subject to an appeal?” The jury’s own entirely manipulated verdict and decision of course.

Since I felt compelled to pursue these lawsuits because of what a truly vicious story this is believing there was some shred of integrity in our justice system, I am now basically worth more dead than alive. This would be considering, but not limited to the hundreds of thousands of dollars for back taxes (and other crushing debt) that I “owe” for all my property which I lost because of this situation to these same corrupt governments that sold out the Elliot family. Justice delayed is justice successfully denied per statute of limitations law that has now expired. Although the IRS apparently never forgets that a loving parent should back date finance a conspiracy to destroy themselves by this defense contractor, including now exorbitant interest, fees, and penalties. Unfortunately, I did pursue these lawsuits for not only my family’s sake, but in addition for those inevitable unsuspecting citizens/UTC employees to follow that now can only be negatively affected by case law. UTC in particular must be completely emboldened knowing what they have brazenly done to the Elliot family formerly of Hebron CT.

Moreover, I will have to forever finance the federally subsidized record profits that UTC and its investors (some of whom are those same employees I fought to defend their rights) continuously celebrate from the fruits of my youth when diligently working 6-7 days a week developing P&WA’s large commercial and military jet engines that I see flying 24/7, 365 days a year for “truth, justice, and the American way”. All of these wonderful things that the Elliot family was raped of by UTC. I also have to watch those deadwood employees in D-955 that I carried on my back for all those years now enjoying a comfortable retirement while I’ve got nothing. In fact, because Grout had made sure I was always assigned the most critical experimental projects that needed around the clock progress on the 3rd shift and that is why I became one of the most productive and competent technicians in D-955. The conclusion being that no employee at UTC should ever think they are in any way, shape, or form indispensable.

The ultimate insults would be that I have now watched as that bastard Grout and UTC have literally gotten away with an act of attempted murder and a conspiracy to obstruct justice in conjunction with this 14 year suicidal nightmare and all the very stressful negative ramifications thereof (bankruptcy, foreclosures, divorce, etc) that this document narrowly describes. Moreover, that UTC was “somehow” given the Opportunity 2000 Award by the U.S. Dept of Labor identifying them as supposedly a “civil rights highroader” at the exact same time the CCHRO uncovered these heinous facts of my case in November 1998 despite their memorandum of understanding with each other. These sordid facts clearly indicate otherwise. This prestigious award that UTC still proudly displays defrauding potential employees and the public about their real activities.

In addition, both the U.S. and state DOL completely ignored the facts confirmed during the CCHRO investigation and “somehow” determined Grout had not violated the FMLA. I think not. Moreover, it was the USDOL Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) that fully facilitated this conspiracy by completely ignoring their mandate when not providing me the all important leverage of “leveling the playing field” on my behalf by withholding UTC’s enormous federal contract payments. In other words, these multiple client conspiracies to obstruct justice are exactly what the OFCCP is supposed to prevent and this was one primary reason why I sued the federal government. And the OFCCP’s failure to act did leave me to walk entirely alone against UTC since Grout had creatively divided my primary ally my wife and I with his unverified at the time to be false sexual harassment accusation in relationship to the biting incident and all the rest of the unstated cruel events that occurred between the years 1994-1997.

And the reason why did Grout not immediately force me out the door after I achieved my college degree in 1985, but had to restrain himself to commence his heinous program of harassment until 1994 was because the employees in D-955 had been forced to commit illegal timecard fraud up until 1984 charging most of our labor performed on the experimental commercial aircraft engine programs to the military aircraft engine accounts in D-955. This blatant illegal practice of defrauding the American taxpayers to finance the development of P&WA's many extremely lucrative families of large commercial engines started long before my fellow 100 young aircraft mechanics arrived at D-955 in 1978.

I maintained UTC’s secret and did not investigate this criminal timecard fraud until after I had been illegally harassed out the door in 1997 to find out the statute of limitations under “Qui Tam” or “whistleblower” law has a maximum nine year window of opportunity to file a complaint past the last documented event, which in this case at P&WA would have been approximately the year 1993. Therefore the employees in D-955 were forced to illegally create the enormous core profits at P&WA that were parlayed upon by Mr. Harry Gray to purchase their various current quite profitable subsidiaries to create this huge multi-national conglomerate known today as UTC. Consequently, I helped to develop this ruthless corporation that eventually screwed my family and children over that were not even twinkles in my eye in 1978.

I have now paid with the best 30 years of my life specifically because I was a conscientious employee and a devoted parent that needed the simplest of accommodations to merely care for his children which was used against me in this quite cruel fashion. The one clear conclusion to make is that UTC will fully defend their inevitable rogue middle managers/supervisors no matter how heinous their illegal conduct instead of simply admitting guilt. And I assume UTC and their investors are quite pleased that their high priced federally subsidized attorneys successfully sacrificed their expendable trash named the Elliot family to protect UTC’s wonderful image and huge profits. It's hard to describe the hollow feeling when you cannot even visit or talk to your children and family any longer because you feel ashamed and embarrassed that you failed them entirely because you could not bring all these evil people to justice. My innocent children that were raped of a truly happy childhood and their father who had both his parenthood and the truth that Grout had almost provoke me to commit suicide successfully held against me in a federal court of law. There is no turning around now and losing was never an option for me. I have been raped of “life, liberty, and all happiness” and UTC has achieved Grout’s stated goal of providing me a hopeless and depressing situation wherein I have no motivation whatsoever to start over at age 50 at less than zero to be eternally haunted by these events.

I now plan on exercising my “rights” to free speech to make sure this timeless story of love, devotion, violence, despair, and of most importance the very real conspiracy to suppress it is finally heard at least by UTC’s employees away from UTC’s preferred venue which is behind the closed doors of a corrupt and inconsequential courtroom. Because UTC’s precise goal was to prevent exactly that from happening.

Although now in November 2008, UTC has basically completely shut down said campaign of truth on the internet. This would be accomplished by acting in collusion with Google who not coincidently is also a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Prior to this date, I had approximately 14 blogs scoring a top of the first page hit on a Google blog search when you entered any one of UTC’s subsidiary names. Not surprisingly, in the end UTC can even deny your right to free speech.

If you’re employed at UTC and ignore these factual court documents and only listen to their contrived propaganda you can also learn the hard way like many of us have after being raped of the creativity and energy of your youth and the best years of your life working at the heartless military/industrial machine at P&WA or any division of UTC generating their enormous profits that are callously used to snuff out your own family. The reality is this politically well connected $59 billion defense contractor/merchant of death can and has made a living hell out of many employees lives and if you sense any distrust or anxiety in the workplace at UTC it is well founded in fact and I respectfully suggest you are sadly mistaken if you think this ruthless corporation has any allegiance whatsoever to you and at the most inopportune moment your family could not be next.

At anytime you to can also “play the game” even if you don’t want to and be assured that without a paycheck you are playing alone against the big boys that play hardball for keeps. I am truly entertained watching some of the tough guys laughing at me temporarily driving through UTC’s gates that are yet to be humbled at the sharp end of UTC’s cruel corporate stick.